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The story behind "On The Line"

The song "On The Line" is really a play on words with "Online". It is told in the form of a story about a boy/man named Jimmy, who eventually grows up to realize that his life is now 'on the line' due to the actions he has been taking 'online' his whole life.

What is the story?

The story begins off describing Jimmy's upbringing as a child, back when he was known as Little Jimmy. Little Jimmy begins growing up and starts to make some real friends. He and his crew become really close together and begin to dream.. He said, "Life will be great when I grow up, Im gonna have the same friends and everyone will know us, I'm gonna have a cool phone, social media, I hope I blow up".

However, time goes on.. Little Jimmy gets older now and begins going by just the name Jimmy. He finally gets his first car, with his first girlfriend, and his first real job to help pay for it all. So damn, why not post about it on social media? As a matter of fact, thats exactly what Jimmy begins doing. He begins to build a following on social media and continues to grow his following by the day. As a result, Jimmy finds himself clout chasing just to make his random followers happy. He also begins comparing himself to other people online, in order to validate to himself that he is better than them. However, in reality Jimmy is just wasting his time scrolling through his phone.

As the years go by, Jim begins to start his family. He ends up having two children with his wife, a boy and a girl. As he gets older, Jim begins to realize that life really isn't what it seems online. As a matter of fact, he begins to think that it could actually be tearing his family further and further apart. As sung in the lyrics, "When'd it all become this bad? Got a 3 year old daughter addicted to her damn iPad, and a son thats playing xbox in a room in the back, while his wife is swiping right just trying to find her a match."

At this point, Jim is fully aware of the consequences that come with being online. He says, "lately Im not feeling the same, got a family that bears my name, wife and children this ain't a game!" So, in hopes of a last minute Hail Mary to keep the family together, Jim takes his family on a vacation where he can try and make the family close again. He tries to get them to escape from all of the problems they've made in their home, get off their phones and spend a little time together. But whether they like it or not, Jim begins to post online tweeting, "What a wonderful family, what a wonderful life.."

Can Jim really begin to focus more on his family and less on his following in order to bring the family closer together again, or is it already too late for Jim to turn things around?


What do you think will happen??

Comment what you think will happen or want to happen to Jim and his family down below on this blog!


The message behind the story:

The message behind this type of story is that life is not what it seems online or on the line, so live your life before you run out of time. Because nowadays as a society, we often find ourselves posting our lives online and scrolling through the internet to see other people posting about their lives as well. However, those posts will never fully explain or justify who you or any of those people really are. As a matter of fact, it begins to become more of a habit or addiction rather than anything else. That's why I included the lyrics, "What do I mean? These phones turned us into some fiends, tweeting everything we think like someones in need of my opinion, shit nobody cares nobody listens, even politicians tweeting, tagging people in their mentions." meaning that we post so much online now that it has become toxic almost.

If we really did read and view everyones posts everyday online then we would never actually have time for our own, real lives. But don't get me wrong. Being online and using the internet has plenty of useful benefits like searching stuff on google, streaming music, or reading cool blogs like this one. However, it also has its downfalls and demons as well; therefore, causing some people like Jimmy to find themselves 'on the line' due to the consequences of living too much online. His addiction to keep his followers happy with his content that he posted online lead to his family further distancing themselves apart until it became too late..

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