The meaning behind "When You Coming Home?"

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

In our latest song, "When You Coming Home?" (WYCH), we really tried to focus on capturing that feeling you get when you miss that special someone during the holidays. We felt that the title "When You Coming Home?" was a relatable title for the holidays due to the fact that we all have that certain someone that we miss and hope to see come home again, especially during the holidays.

Why is this a holiday song?

Since this song was released on December 1st, 2020 we decided to give it a holiday feel. Including lyrics like "But time does fly and the holidays roll by / Christmas lights light up the streets as the snow falls from the sky".

"Back to Life"
"Better Days"

Fun Fact:

"WYCH" was inspired by these two songs:

1) Better Days - Graham Nash

2) Back to Life - Russ


My Favorite Line:

"Thats when you left, said 'its for the best' / said 'I'll never forget you I'll be right here' as you pointed at my chest / 'I'll be back someday' as you whispered under your breath / Be the best that you can be don't you ever settle for less."

The last conversation you have with someone you're close with before they leave is always a memorable/deep moment that you never forget until you see them again, if you're lucky enough to see them again. That's why I feel like this line hits the hardest in both a lyrical and instrumental way.

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