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First Song of 2021

"Only If You Let It" is now officially out and available on every platform.. making it our first official release of 2021 :)


Cover Art by Carlie Keough

S/O to @Carlie.09 for letting us use her wonderful art for our cover picture!


The Process:

To be honest, we've been sitting on this song and a few others since 2020, but we decided to wait until 2021 to actually release it. We had the beat figured out long before anything else, so we went into the booth and began to sing what we had written down. We had a few lines written but nothing much, so we sat down and went through our old lyrics within our notes.. which turns out to be a lot. So I started piecing together some old lyrics as Chuck began writing what is now known as the chorus.. and we came up with "Only If You Let It"

The Meaning:

The whole meaning behind the song is about setting your mind free. Wether that be from outside bullshit or from your own self. A lot of times, I personally feel like I trap my self within my own shell. When in reality I just need to set my mind free from that mental shell. No one really cares that much about how you look or act or talk. They may make fun of you for it or joke, but in reality none of that should stop you from being you. Set your mind free from what others think.. Be 100% You

"Put your plans in motion / never lack the heart and devotion / and the emotion, leave it all out / just show em, what you can do / cuz the high road has a better view".


"The High Road has a Better View"


#JamMusic #OnlyIfYouLetIt #NewMusic

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