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Breaking down the song "Money"

We all know money is a complicated subject.. that is why I made a song about it lol. But what is the song "Money" really about? What is the actual underlying message?

Breaking down the chorus:

"Money.. who needs it? Just let me have my freedom!" From this opening line, I feel like I instantly make it clear that this is not a song about wanting money, but more of a song about refuting money. I go on to sing, "Why should I go and waste my time / knowing I'm just making enough for to get by / I'll be okay, I'll do my thing, I think I'll be just fine." suggesting that I would rather go do my own thing and hope it works out rather than to work a job that I don't like.. especially if it's only enough to survive paycheck to paycheck. I'd rather work 80 hours a week grinding for what I love than to work 40 hours a week slaving away for someone else.

Don't get me wrong:

"Now come on don't get me wrong.. / I didn't say that i didn't want none.." To be clear, every human being wants money lol. I'm just saying that money doesn't control me. It doesn't decide my decisions and isn't my motivation. "I just wanna be free and follow my dreams / make music for the people and help those in need." If you let money become your main motivation or focus then you will be way more inclined to sell out or become corrupt/immoral in whatever you're doing. "I'm just saying there ain't no f***ing way man / that imma be a sellout for a little more pay and / turn my back on what I've always known / I got people that love me they respect me where I'm from." Know your worth but never forget where you come from.

Underlying Message:

Money is a good thing and can really change things for you for better or for worse, but do not let it control your life. Know your worth and never let someone take advantage of your work. If you're working a crappy, depressing job that you hate and despise just because you get a paycheck.. then you should rethink your situation. Don't let that one paycheck keep you at a job that makes you miserable. Do what you love and figure out how to monetize it instead. The freedom and happiness will forever outweigh the money, the money is just a bonus.


What do You think?

What do you think about this songs message? Do you agree, disagree, or have a different opinion? Tell a friend or comment below what you think

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